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Services for Credit Unions

Silverman Theologou’s goal is to provide “member-friendly” collections to our credit union clients, which in turn lead to the most effective collection practices. We understand how important their membership is to our clients and promise to deliver an extremely high level of service while allowing your credit union members to feel comfortable in dealing with our firm. We offer a staff of skilled attorneys, paralegals, and collection professionals that work to minimize your delinquencies and charge off ratios, while allowing your members to respectfully and discreetly deal with their specific financial and payment issues.

When a credit union retains our firm for our all-inclusive collections and legal services, the credit union is assigned, and provided the benefit of a team of attorneys, paralegals, and collection professionals to manage the entire collection process. We pride ourselves on being experts in the collection industry. Our staff is well versed in the credit union industry and all credit union collection practices. Silverman Theologou always works diligently on behalf of our credit union clients and as a member of The National Creditors Bar Association (NARCA), we are committed to fairness in the collection process and adhere to the NARCA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics.

Legal collection services we provide:

  • Legal collection letters to include repossession notices, legal notices, foreclosure notices and statutory bad check letters
  • Contact with members immediately following legal notice letter
  • Liaison between repossession company and client
  • Handling of all aspects of the repossession process
  • Handling of all aspects of the auction process
  • The filing of small claims and circuit court lawsuits
  • The preparation and monitoring of promissory notes
  • Obtaining of judgments
  • Preparation and execution of bank attachments
  • Preparation and execution of wage garnishments
  • Recommendation of accounts for charge off
  • Recommendation of accounts for work out agreements per credit union guidelines
  • Detailed month end status reports outlining the opening balance, current balance, last action taken and complete history of the account

Benefits of utilizing our legal collection services:

  • Member-friendly collections
  • Thorough knowledge of NCUA policy/procedures
  • Combined collection and legal services at a low flat monthly fee including:
  • The filing of lawsuits
  • Trial and Arbitration
  • Post-judgment collections
  • Bankruptcy process (reaffirmations, Motion for Relief)
  • Personalized service, including accessibility to attorneys regarding legal advise
  • Effective collection procedures and policies that will help to minimize your losses and decrease delinquency
  • Weekly forwarding of all payments received in our office
  • Remote access to viewing claims placed with Silverman Theologou
  • Skilled attorneys, paralegals and collection professionals who continually look outside the box in order to provide the most effective collection techniques for your members in order to resolve their account in a timely manner
  • Dedicated attorneys, paralegals and collection professionals that will act as your collection representative on behalf of the credit union
  • Same day / next day response to all credit union telephone or email inquiries to our attorneys, paralegals and collection professionals

How will you connect to our system?

The Web Remote Viewing (WRV) feature for CollectMax™ provides provides secure web access to all of our clients to “real time” status of all accounts placed with our firm for collection. Using a standard web browser, claims can be viewed using almost any Internet connection.

To maintain the safety of debtor and client information, debtor claim data is transmitted, retrieved and stored in encrypted form. All points of access to the WRV require login codes and passwords to gain entry.

While viewing debtor claims, remote viewers may send e-mails to our firm on a per account basis to make inquiries or update existing account information.

How will we connect to your system and open accounts?

Whether your credit union uses Symitar, FiTech or other similarly situated databases, software or applications, our highly skilled IT Professionals, in coordination with your in-house data IT Professionals, can coordinate to allow for our secure access to your collection accounts whereby we can provide you with real-time information relating to our collection activity. As well whether by spreadsheet, email, facsimile or hard copy our firm is ready to work with you and your IT Professionals to facilitate the fastest and most efficient manner to transmit and open new collection accounts in our CollectMax™ collection software.

How does our fee for service work?

Silverman Theologou offers a wide variety of fees for service based on client needs and requirements. Our fees include contingency fees for high volume clients, hourly fees starting at $150.00 per hour, and monthly all inclusive flat fees starting at $1500.00 per month. Although many of our clients have traditionally used either contingent or hourly fees, they quickly find that our monthly all inclusive flat fee both allows for easier annually budgeting and provides a significant cost saving (as our flat fees typically average 20% of the total amount collected by our firm).

Need more information?

For additional information about our services or fee schedules, please contact Silvia Cruz or Morgan Stern at (301) 468-4990.