Legal Services

Consumer & Commercial Collections

Silverman Theologou LLP’s attorneys, paralegals and other professionals are dedicated to helping our clients maintain customer accounts, collect past due accounts and recapture bad debt. Silverman Theologou LLP, with over 35 years of consumer and commercial collection experience, collects client accounts more efficiently, and for a lower fee, than collection agencies or other law firms. Although it is never our intention to chase away our clients’ customers, Silverman Theologou LLP’s proactive approach has produced an excellent rate of return. Silverman Theologou LLP additionally provides clients with immediate telephone access to discuss legal questions and issues, a comprehensive monthly report which gives clients a history of all accounts and transactions and access to our Web Remote Viewer.

Silverman Theologou LLP further provides clients with exceptional value utilizing a variety of fee structures including hourly fees, monthly retainers and reduced flat fees.

Our proactive approach to dealing with client collection accounts, superior rate of return and reduced fee structure provides our clients with exceptional results and value.

Silverman Theologou LLP is a member of The National Creditors Bar Association (NCBA).