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Corporate Restructuring, Wind Down & Work Out

Silverman Theologou, LLP, through its strategic planning program has worked with clients to successfully reorganize business entities, consolidate business functions, obtain financing, restructure debt and establish plans to collect accounts receivable. Through comprehensive planning and preparation, Silverman Theologou, LLP, has helped clients to operate more efficiently, profitably and without the need to seek bankruptcy protection.

Silverman Theologou, LLP has additionally assisted institutions, including banks and second tier lenders, in winding down businesses and restructuring customer debt through our loan work out program. Silverman Theologou, LLP has assisted our clients in collecting their customers’ outstanding receivables for the purpose of paying both secured and unsecured creditors. Through our loan work out program, Silverman Theologou, LLP has successfully negotiated for its clients’ customers the reduction of debt and collection of accounts receivable in such a manner that has resulted in the customers’ ability to pay all creditors in full, without the necessity of utilizing corporate and personal guarantees.